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Buying with Harcourts Hills Living

Committed to your needs

Harcourts has been helping people to buy and sell property for over a century. Harcourts Hills Living are committed to helping you turn your property dreams into reality.

When you come to Harcourts Hills Living in search of your perfect property, your property consultant looks to establish your goals and set about achieving them for you. It is their job to listen to what you want and to work with you with care and consideration at all times.

Your property consultant will guide you through the process of buying a house, providing advice on property values, investment potential, finance options and legal requirements.

It is all part of the extra-effort service. And best of all, it’s all entirely free of charge.



Property insurance

In some states of Australia you can be responsible for the insurance cover of the property you are buying from the first business day after the contract has been signed.

Harcourts can arrange a 30 day temporary cover to provide you with immediate, temporary insurance cover and “peace of mind”.

This service is complimentary and can save you hours spent researching the many insurance providers on the market today.

Your Harcourts consultant can provide you with more information.

Have you arranged your finance?

Bank’s lending policies change overtime, so it’s a smart idea to get a Pre-Approval for your loan before your find your dream home. Why put yourself through the stress of potentially missing out on your perfect home, just because your finance was not approved in time.


A vender is naturally going to give greater consideration to an offer, when the prospective purchaser has pre-approved finance.  It’s common sense.


Most people in Australia choose to use a Mortgage Broker to find the best loan, whilst a minority still go directly to a bank.


Because Finance is an essential component of most property transactions, it makes sense that we want our clients to receive the best possible advice and ultimately the best mortgage for their unique circumstances. Everyone loses when a sale falls over due to problems in securing finance.


Kierin Ryan from Sydney Home Mortgage is the “go to man” for any of our clients that want the benefits of having a professional and hard-working broker assist with their borrowing requirements. Kierin will take the time to properly understand your current situation (and your future goals) so that he finds the right loan from more than 1,000 options.


Sydney Home Mortgage is an independent Mortgage Broking business, In addition to assisting Harcourts clients, they are also the preferred referral partner to many Accounting Practice’s across Sydney.


Please contact Kierin on 0437 437 337 or kierin@sydneyhm.com.au with any finance question or inquiry. Kierin is happy to help and his advice is free.


Bidders Guide

A NSW Fair Trading guide for bidders

Bidding at Auction

A guide for Bidders on Auction Day

Bidding Authority - In Person

A registration form to bid on behalf of another person in person on Auction Day

Bidding Authority - Telephone

A registration form to bid on behalf of another person over the phone on Auction Day

Warnings & Conditions

The prescribed Conditions of Sale by Auction and prescribed Warnings notices

ID Checklist

Checklist outlining the proof of ID required to register to bid on Auction Day