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Why Harcourts?

Why Harcourts?

At Harcourts Hills Living, we invite you to ask questions to ensure you feel confident in your decision. With our local knowledge and experience, we have built a network of tenants in your area, waiting to find the perfect home.

Harcourts Hills Living is built on trust, local experience and a hands-on approach. We’ll be by your side every step of the way, ensuring you are kept up to date throughout your campaign. 

  • Regular periodic inspections 
    We inspect your investment regularly in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 2010. The tenant is also notified of any defects for which he/she could be considered responsible for. 
  • Monthly and annual financial statements. 
    Our office produces annual financial year statements during the first week of July, which provides a summary of income and expenditure for the financial year. This will save you time and money when dealing with your accountant. 
  • Property maintenance.
    Early response to maintenance requests is key to good tenanting.
  • Access to experience, qualified and reliable tradespersons.
    All our trades offer first class service, a competitive rate and a fast turnaround. Our tradespeople all work after hours services in case of an emergency.
  • Constant meetings to focus on tenancy co-operation, arrears and property maintenance.
    Daily meetings to ensure our landlords finances and assets are protected and secure, to give you peace of mind.
  • Assistance with landlord insurance requirements.
    Your insurance requirements will differ depending on what sort of property you own. It is critically important for you to have a policy that adequately covers investment properties. 
  • Timely payment.
    Reliable landlord payments are crucial. Our professional staff follow strict procedures and legal guidelines to ensure your rental payments are made in accordance with the lease agreement. 
  • Regular rent reviews
    Reviewing the rent payable regularly in line with the market and any property improvements ensures your investment return is maximised. 
  • Experienced NCAT representation.
    Representing our landlords’ investments in NCAT for the best outcome.
  • Professionally trained in lease renewal negotiations. 
    Our leasing professionals can negotiate lease renewals and long term leases to protect your investment returns. 
  • Conflict resolution.
    Our professionals are highly trained in conflict resolution, ensuring positive tenant relations reflecting in good property maintenance. 





Like to learn more? Call the office on +61 2 9686 3999 or email us on hillsliving@harcourts.com.au