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Auctioneer - Andrew Drane

Andrew had many years’ experience in residential real estate before he decided to spread his wings and become a specialist Auctioneer.  For the past five years Andrew has been calling auctions for his own office in Baulkham Hills as well as for other Harcourts Offices.  Andrew’s skills as an auctioneer are in high demand and he believes that being involved in EVERY aspect of the sales process provides a huge advantage over our competitors that utilise the services of contract auctioneers.  As Andrew mentions in his book ‘Real Estate for Real Reasons’ published in 2013, “An auction is a fascinating event.  It has elements of theatre.  Emotions, though contained, can be powerful.  The dynamic of the group is intriguing.  The desire in the air is palpable.”  Andrew adds that ‘despite these dramatic ingredients, the auction is still as real and as fair as it gets, and that’s why I prefer it over any other methods of sale.  Right there in front of you, you see market forces at work in the most raw and direct sense imaginable.  In the end the ‘agreement’ that is reached as to the value of the property is the fairest way to assess the property’s true worth.’
Andrew has an in-depth knowledge of the property that is being sold at auction, and more importantly, an excellent knowledge of the local market where he calls the majority of his auctions.  Andrew adds ‘I do my homework prior to each auction.  I am aware of how many bidders will be in attendance, where they are seeing value and what they love (and don’t) about the property. This enables me to ‘customise’ my preamble and how I describe the property during my ‘theatrical introduction’.  I can highlight those features that buyers love about a property and address those concerns that they may have’.  As a property owner you want your Auctioneer to have a solid knowledge of your home and the area.’.  
There are certain attributes that make a good auctioneer.  Such as charisma, presence, the ability to read body language, theatre and a strong voice.  Andrew also highlights that ‘It definitely helps if you have experience as a Property Sales Consultant because quite often I will involve myself in the negotiation process.  I have been the Auctioneer at many auctions where I have intervened with negotiations and the vendor and buyer seem to hold you to a certain ‘professional impartiality’.  What I mean to say is that you have a professional image and people believe you to have more knowledge of the market and better skills of negotiation.  In my case, I am still an active listing and selling agent and have been for over twelve years.  That experience and developed skill is utilised in the field and will help the vendor achieve the best price that is there on the day.’  Andrew has been known to ‘stick around’ at auctions for up to an hour to ensure the ‘hammer drops’ on an unconditional sale.  ‘It is important to strike while emotion is high’, Andrew adds.  ‘If the buyer walk away on auction day, in many cases, they don’t return because they may have been caught up in the emotion.  I will remain on site and do everything possible to commit the buyer.  That is, after all, part of my job in conjunction with the Property Sales Professional.’
Andrew is the Principal and Business Owner of Harcourts Hills Living in Baulkham Hills.  He has a genuine love for real estate and the auction process.  He adds, ‘An auction marketing campaign, if run properly and with the right auctioneer, is the best method of sale that will bring you the best results.  Without any doubt.’  Andrew constantly trains his team in all aspects of Real Estate but there is certainly a focus on Auctions.  Andrew adds ‘I would love a team full of auctioneers.  To master the art of auctioneering means to provide our clients with a well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of real estate sales.  Real Estate Agents should embrace the auction process and if they are unfamiliar with this intense but highly effective process, they are only doing half their job. Auctions may not suit everyone but at least give the client the option.’
If you want to see Andrew in action he has many videos on YouTube.  Click here