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Chris Milojevic

Chris Milojevic

With a solid foundation in property management, lead generation and working with buyers, Chris is a real estate all-rounder. Most importantly, he’s a straightforward operator who enjoys his job, loves working with people and believes in dealing honestly with them. His determination to learn means he will only achieve better results as time goes on – good news for Harcourts Hills Living clients!

“Chris is a determined but pleasant character who gets things done with efficiency and a resolve to see things through to completion. Our customers couldn’t ask for any more than that.”


Dear Andrew, Chris & Sam, Connie and I would just like to sincerely thank you for helping us achieve the desired result of fair market value for our property. We're also very happy that such a lovely young couple has purchased the property! As they were leaving, the buyer said to me, "If you ever miss the property, please feel free to come back and visit it anytime and have a drink with us". We honestly couldn't be happier for them. At the end of the 2nd week when the turnout had been very low, the concern was growing and I was really questioning whether auction was the right strategy choice for us. Putting the $950k price guide was a risk in that it could have devalued the property in the eyes of buyers, but it increased the demand and obviously 2 buyers saw value above the $1m mark which is exactly what needed to happen. Chris and Sam, thank you for your efforts in running the extra open homes. Without these, the result would not have been achieved. Thank you also for the superb marketing of the property, Connie and I couldn't have asked for more in this regard. Thank you also for your advice and feedback along the way, the communication was excellent. Andrew, the reason we chose Harcourts Hills Living is because of an auction you ran in mid-2013 where I witnessed your ability to draw the extra $ out of buyers. You proved this again yesterday, where we had 2 bidders who pushed each other over their $1m budget, and well above the general (albeit coy) feedback of "low to mid 9's". Selling a property is an extremely stressful experience. It's even harder when it's an investment property and you don't actually live in it. Our families went out together last night to celebrate over dinner and it was a great time shared all round. All of us are so thankful that it's over and the desired result was achieved, and we have you to thank for this experience. I'm also looking forward to getting back my weekends instead of vacuuming, blowing, and cleaning! Thank you again. Kind regards, 13 Redbush Close, Rouse Hill
Connie and Ben

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